Wellness and awareness center for your body, mind and soul
Iris Bay Tower, Business Bay, Dubai
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We have flexible pricing and the discount system for our permanent practicioners. You can book a lesson or the packege with the discount.
Lunch Session
Asanas Intro and middle day streching for muscules relaxation
75 aed
30 min of basis asanas and straching with Yoga wheel
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One time Yoga lesson
All yoga styles
110 aed
60 min Group Yoga Lesson of any style
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Yoga for Kids
From 4 y.o to 12 y.o
120 aed
60 min class group lesson, for the kids up to 5 y.o. together with their mothers
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Sound Healing Session
One Time Session
130 aed
60 min of deep relaxation begins with 10 min of breathing exersises 30 min of sound bath and 20 min of deep meditation
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Private lesson 1 class
60 min
200 aed
Any yoga class you prefer, the teacher choose the program according to your physical level.
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Private Zoom lesson
60 min lesson via Zoom
200 aed
You can choose the yoga styles you like to practice: Hatha, Ashtanga, Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga, Power Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation
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Private lesson 90 min
The full circle primary Ashtanga series.
250 aed
Includes consultation and adaptation of the practice to your physical level and according to your goals.
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Kids Yoga 4 classes packege
From 4 y.o to 12 y.o.
60 min classes 4 classes in a month, can be frozen for 2 weeks
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8 group classes subscription
Valid for all group lessons by your choice, you can combine different classes
600 aed
60 min each lesson
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Unlimited group classes for 1 month
Any group classes for 60 min
800 aed
You can choose the time of the lessons and combine different type of classes
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Private lessons package 8 classes
60 min each class
1300 aed
Any classes, you can mix different style for your choice, valid 3 months from the date of purchase, can be frozen one time up to 1 month
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Private 10 lessons advanced pack
90 min private sessions for intermediate level
2100 ead
Include consultation, individual program, yoga therapy and ashtanga flow
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Our lessons and wellness services
We have all the most popular Yoga lessons: Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin Yoga, Fly Yoga, Powerful Yoga and Yoga & Sound terapies, also meditations and breathing tecniques. We offer various massage styles and natural eco-frendly body and hair care products. Our space is awailable for hosting the wellness and mindfullness practices and events.
Classical yoga in tradition of Ayengar to achieve the harmony,develop the body, and increase the level of energy.
Deep relaxation in combination with gentle stretching to make you body more flexible and let your energy citculate freely within your body.

Soft but powerful Yoga flow. Lessons combined gentle stretching amd classical movements according to your physical level. The teacher will adopt the exercises and Yoga flow according to your body needs. It helps to correct sceleton-musculs issues, improves your back musculce and spine, enchence joints rotation and improve your health.
Fly Yoga
Stretches your body deeply and comfortably while easing your back. You can enjoy stretching and relieve muscle tension by combining the movements. Fit for every skill level. Prevent back pain, targets deeper muscles, lifts your spirits, and fosters an optimistic outlook.
Experience wonderful journey to your inner world to increase the level of energy, overcome stress and heal the headaches. You feel relaxed and refreshed.
Special unique technics to work with the kids created by a professional teacher. Combination of playing and exercises make children to feel engaged and have fun. Your kid is more stable, calm, concentrated and physically developed.
About the place
AYC more than just wellness center and yoga studio. We are community designed for your personal development. We share our passion and knowledge with everyone. You can practice regardless your physical level and ages, we can create individual program for your physical and mental growth. Moreover we create special events for every weekend and we are open for collaboration.
Welcome to the world of mindfulness!
Our salon
You can rent the studio for the business trainings and small sport events as well as for the different practices and teachers.
The bright, spacious interiors and special equipment of our studio are as comfortable as possible for practicing different styles and host the events at any time. We can help with the edditional equipment, welcome drinks and decoration.
We are also open for the co-operation to combine yoga practices with business and educational tranings.
Присоединяйтесь к нам в соцсетях
1307 Iris Bay, Business Bay, Dubai

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