Your place for nurturing wellness & awareness.
Group and private classes for everybody!
Regardless your gender, age, religion and physical condition you can start classes, and the professional instructor helps you to choose the best practice according to your goal and condition.
Would you like to have a strong and pain free living?
Calm mind and ability to withstand the obstacles?
How about flexible body, healthy joints and life without medicine and diseases?
Yes! It’s all possible with yoga.
Choose the class you prefer or contact us for the guidance!
Wellness Workshops & Classical Yoga Styles
Breathing classes & Sound Therapy
Yoga for Mothers & Kids
All classes are available via Zoom.

Every week we organize special workshops and events in our studio. Welcome to our community!
Meet the team
Welcome to our community of the professionals and well-being enthusiasts.
  • Anastasia Olimska
    Founder & Yoga teacher
    Anastasia founded AYC studio in 2023. She is a professional teacher and Yoga instructor. She has been practicing Yoga and awareness for 15 years. Her main vision is bringing yoga to the schools and universities to help young people to reduce stress, enhance focus and support on physical level. She teaches Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, Fly yoga, leading sound healing sessions and orginizing yoga classes for kids.
  • Kate Vasileva
    Marketing Lead & Yoga teacher
    Kate has 18+ years of marketing experience and she has been yoga enthusiast from 2010, before yoga she had been practicing Quigong for 7 years. She has been working as a yoga instructor since 2012. Her main interests are Yoga Therapy, Pranayama breathing and Ashtanga yoga flow. She orginized several international yoga events in Turkey, Balı and Dubai.
  • Nabin Dulal
    Administrator & Yoga teacher
    Nabin is the main person in AYC studio. He spends hours making our clients feel cared and enjoy their wellness and awareness journey. If you have any suggestions, you can write to him. Nabin has 5 years of personal practice, he teaches powerful yoga, and invents his own techniques combining yoga and dance movements.
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